NEuchâtel MObile - NEMO Free WiFi separation

How to access

Welcome to, the free Wi-Fi for the inhabitants of Neuchâtel.

With, the canton of Neuchâtel offers local digital nomads free Wi-Fi access with secure authentication, available at 600 sites with one single identifier.

Accessing the Wi-Fi network free of charge is very simple:

  • Search for “” in the list of networks proposed by your device (PC or mobile). See the map of the access points.
  • When connecting for the first time, register free of charge.
  • Register using your telephone number and you will receive an SMS.
  • Enter the password and your telephone number and surf to your heart’s content!

This code will be available for all antennae. You can then connect anytime and anywhere using one single login. For security reasons, you may occasionally be asked for a new code.

We hope you enjoy using, stay connected.


Frequently asked questions

How are personal data protected? records your mobile telephone number without combining it with any other personal data (surname, first name, address). These numbers are necessary in order to send an SMS with the network authentication code and are not divulged to any third parties. Other technical elements may be communicated to the authorities, solely in accordance with the federal Surveillance of Post and Telecommunications Act (SPTA).

Can I use a foreign phone?

The "" platform accepts all phone numbers, including international numbers.

However, there are technical constraints: the operator must transmit the SMS messages abroad and the user must have a subscription authorizing the reception of SMS abroad.

I have lost my password, what should I do?

Simply request a new access code via the connection page. This new code will be sent to you by SMS. is not proposed in my Wi-Fi networks

Try to move closer to the antenna or deactivate then reactivate your Wi-Fi service on your mobile phone.

What is the speed of

The speed depends on your terminal, your position and the current traffic on the network. It cannot be guaranteed.

How many visitors can connect?

Each antenna can offer access to several dozen visitors at any one time.

For more information, consult our General Terms and Conditions.